Sunday, September 20, 2009

The perfect Scuba BCD for you.

As a diver you know that the BCD is a very valuable,and essential part of your diving gear. So you must find The Perfect Scuba BCD that fits you.There is a great variety of BCDs ,they come in many different designs and features,.but there are only three categories. Here I will talk a little about the three types of BCDs. OK.. first we have the Jacket or Vest Style BCD’s . This device is good...although its a little more bulky,and can minimize movement and flexibility, it does allows for more air to be held in the bladders,which in turn produces a faster assenting rate.

Next lets talk about the Back Mounted or Wing Style BCD’s. It has all the same characteristics as the jacket..but with a whole lot more room for movement.t has it’s air pockets located at the back of the vest and when filled the air pockets fill up on either side of the tank much like wings.It can also be quite modular and allow for two tanks and more weight to be carried with out obstructing. This is in my opinion a much better design,only because it allows for a lot more freedom, flexibility,and it doesn’t wrap around the sides of the body. .Many Technical and Professional divers agree that a rear inflation design is The Perfect Scuba BCD because it provides freedom of movement and positioning underwater. So if your goal is to maneuver like a dolphin or something, then I suggest this one.
The third on the list is the Weight Integrated System.If you like putting on, and taking off weight belts then this ones not for you.With this system, you do not have to wear the traditional weight belt. The weights are built into the BCD. If you do buy one with this option, make sure the weights can be released easily in case of an emergency. Also, make sure their not easily dislodged.
Another good option with this design is that it can accommodate both soft lead packets and solid lead weights. This is important if you travel, you'll be able to use whatever weights the dive shop has. Otherwise, you'll be back to wearing that weight belt.
So there is your quick report on the different types of Scuba BCDs,hope you enjoyed and found it to be informative,in your quest to find The Perfect Scuba BCD. Have fun and be safe on your dive.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

An Important Device.

Just in case you don't know what a BCD is,its a Buoyancy Control Device. And this is one of the most Important Devices needed for Scuba diving.The purpose of Scuba BCD is to helps divers control their buoyancy underwater to attain neutral buoyancy,and to provide assistance to the Scuba Diver(YOU) when ascending to the surface. When Diving certain precautions are to be followed at all times...But, unfortunately we sometimes tend to exceed the limits.You do not want to find yourself in a situation were your exhausted,running low on air and need to get top side fast.If that situation for some reason arises,this Important Device then becomes your best friend.Face it... Scuba diving can be extremely fun and at the same time exhausting. That is why the top divers in the business prefer to use the very Best Scuba BCD they can find.They are very easy to use,the Device has a automatic inflation button,for quick inflation,and it also has a oral inflation tube,for manual inflation. So if you a beginner,intermediate,or an advanced Scuba diver you would want to make sure that you to have the Best Scuba BCD you can find. And fortunately for you,you've found the right place to get this highly Important Device.

Find The Best Scuba BCD.

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